Terms and conditions for yourfirenze.com


Please find here terms and conditions about the use, services, products can be found on the web sie yourfirenze.com

Once visiting and using products and informations found on this web site, terms and conditions are accepted by the user.

If you do not agree with terms and conditions, please do not use yourfirenze.com and the products you can find inside.

Special conditions

All the personal informations given by the user when using some of the products of yourfirenze.com will be treated as per following privacy policy ( METTERE IUBENDA??)

General informations

Ilenia Sala reserves the right to change terms and conditions in any time by publishing the changes on the web site yourfirenze.com.

New terms and conditions will be effective 30 day after publishing.

Using the web site products after publishing the changes it is cosidered as acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

User must regularly visit the terms and conditions page in order to be aware of the new version of terms and conditions.

The new terms and conditions will be applyed in case of disputes between the user and Ilenia Sala.

Ilenia Sala reservs the right to modify products and services offered and/or suspend the availability of products in any moment.

Some products are completely free.

Other must be paid.

Regarding use of audioguide , user is comkitted not to given false informations, copy, distribute, modify or make reverse engineering, damage, hakering any of the products or the operations of the web pages of yourfirenze.com.

It is also forbitten to apporpriate in any way of the content of the web site yourfirenze.com or any products of the web site, as well as log into in behave of another person or without official autorization.

Audioguides can be used online and no exstra personal monitoring is provided.


Ilenia Sala is not responsable for the services provided by other providers which are mentioned on yourfirenze.com.

Through this web site the user can reach other web site of which Ilenia Sala do not have any control.

Therefore Ilenia Sala is not responsable for the long into one of this pages by the user.

Ilenia Sala suggests the user always to chech the privacy policy before log into any page in order to perserve the user privacy.


Users will have to use the web site according to the applicable laws.

Users are kindly requested to keep good image e behavior by using social networks in order to avoid problems as violence, sex discrimination, racial discrimination, cultural/religious discrimination and defamation.


User do not need to log into the web site to get informations.

However we can ask a registration for some products or services.

Registrations info must be clear and complete.

Furthermore user must inform the web side provider of any change about the registration info specially regaridng perosnals details as name and mail.

Any registration request can be rejected without reason.

User garanty that will not allow any other person to log into the web site yourfirenze.com with his personal usern name and password.

We will not be responsable for the not autorized use of user name and password made by a third person.

Free Audioguide is available upon registration.

For extra audioguides will be asked a payment.

User accept that he/she must keep user name and password in a safe place and not share it with other people.

It is forbitten to use the web site yourfirenze.com for spamming, to send any offensive, illegal, diffamatory material or any illegal content.

It is forbotten to violate the copyright or any other legal right .

Audioguide can not be shared between 2 or more people using only one account.

In this case the account wil, be closed.

Content, concession, autorization

Any software, tecnology, design, material, audioguide, information, grafic, audio clip, video clip , picture, and any pther product that can be protected by the copyright is considered as ?content? in this terms and conditions.

Content belongs to the person who create it and it is protected by the copyright.

By accepting this terms and conditions user garanty to have license and right necessary to use of the ?recived Content? from this web site.

Ilenia Sala refuse any responsability from the use of material protected by the copyright.

Ilenia Sala grants to the user the not trasferable , limited and not esclusieve license to access any content of the web site for which the user has paid.

This acces is olny for personal use and not for commercial use.

Any use without the written permission of Ilenia Sala is forbidden.

Content insert by Ilenia Sala and by other user can not be sold or transfer to other users.

Any right not mentioned in this terms and conditions will be exclusive porperty of their creator/ owner.


Prices are inclusive of VAT.

When sales currency is differetn from the  base currency Ilenia sala will determinate the price following the  current conversion and the applicable laws.

Limit of responsability

Ilenia Sala can not be responsable for any responsability due to negligence of any user.

User is committed to defend Ilenia Sala from any repsonsabilty of loss, demage prejudices.


In any moment Ilenia Sala can stop the use of yourfirenze.com to those users who violate terms and conditions.

Ilenai Sala can stop the offers on this web site in any moment.

User can stop using the web site and produts in any moment and ask to unsubscrive by contacting Ilenia Sala.


First audioguide is free to permit the user to understand if he/she likes the product.

That?s why any request of refund after buying the next audioguides will not be accepted.

However we agree to accept particolar request unpot a right motivation.

Mail comunication

Ilenia Sala can send comunications about events, informatios, happenings going on in Florence, Tuscany or Italy.

In some mails there can be promotions or advertising.

By accepting the terms and conditions the user accept to receive this mail.

If user wants to stop receiving this kind of mails can simply send an e-mail with the unsubscription request.

We will remove the user mail from our list.

By accepting the terms and conditions user accepts to receive mails.