How to move in Tuscany

How to move Tuscany and in all its cities?

Good question.

First of all it depends on what you want to see.

How to move to visit the cities

If you are planning to visit the cities of Tuscany ( Florence, Prato, Pisa, Pistoia, Lucca, Livorno, Massa Carrara, Grosseto, Siena, Arezzo) you do not really need a car.

This cities are very small and once you are inside you can easily walk everywhere and visit churches and museums.

To move between the cities you can use public transportations ( as train or buses).

You could rent a car.

But remember that the cities centers are pedestrian areas and you can not drive there. Moreover, even if your hotel is inside the citiy center and have a special permission for you to reach the hotel, streets are very narrow ( we are talking about towns that in many cases are still as they were in the Middle Ages).

So it is not really comfortable to drive inside the city center.

Another option is to rent a car with driver that usually has all the permissions to enter the cities, knows very well the area and you do not have to think about driving.

How to move to visit the country side

If you are planning to visit the country side of Tuscany ( I just remind you some of the most beautifull areas: Chianti, Val d’Orcia, Valdichiana) and all the little medieval towns based on the hills of this areas ( as for example San Gimignani, Cortona, Montalcino) …..well if you want to visit this places you need a car!

First of all because the small towns on top of hills in many cases are not reached by trains. And even if you can take public transportantion, sometimes it could take a long time to arrive ( public buses have usually to make many stops) and maybe you do not have so many days to spend there.

Second point: if you have a car you can decide day by day which place to visit and ( specially) change the program!!!

This areas are full of small towns which are very nice and really seems to jump back in the Middle Ages. Moreover while you reach one of the famous towns as ( for example) San Gimignano, you could find some other small towns not so famous bu even very nice, stop in a winery or tipical restaurat!

Your holiday can be really full of surprises!!

Of course you can do the same if you rent a car with a driver, that for sure will suggest you wich places to visit.

So …..what to do?

Definetly it depends on what you want to do.

Basically I could resume saying: if you want to visit the cities center better tu use public transportation; if you want to visit the country side better to have a car.

Car with driver is a good option for both cases.

Hope the article can help you to organize your holiday.



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