Florence Tours

walking tour

The best way to welcome you in Florence is with a nice walk down town.

Any corner of this town tells about Middle ages and Renaissance.
We will pass through the most important squares of Florence: Signoria
Square, Cathedral square, Republic Square.

We will see the important building as Palazzo Vecchio, The Cathedral and Baptistery.

uffizi gallery

The most important museum of Florence tells us about the steps done by the artists to improve te style from the Middle ages to the Renaissance and reach.

The perfection of the ancient artist.
We will see the Medieval Majesty of Giotto; the armony that comes out from the Spring of Botticelli; the curiosity of Leonardo; the perfection of Rafael; the unique painting made by the scupture Michelangelo, the tragedy of Caravaggio and many others.

academy gallery

The Accademia Gallery is togheter with the Uffizi the most famous museum of Florence.

Also called The house of David, the giant statue symbol of Florence and made by Michelangelo.

We will walk through the Prison , unfinished statue made by Michelangelo.

Bargello museum

One of the most ancient palace of Florence, built in 1255 to host the “Capitano del Popolo”.

During the next centuries became house of the Podesta and finally a Museum.

If you like sculpture, this is the right place!

Cathedral tour

Saint John the Baptist Square has always been the religious heart of Florence.

First the Baptistery and after the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore have been the landmark to the citizen of Florence since the Middle Age.

Nearby the Cathedral we will visit the Museum of the Duomo where we’ll admire the original Paradise door done by Ghiberti and the Maddalena done by Donatello.

You will se the original works that where decorations of Baptistery and Cathedral and were removed from the square after the 1966 floating.

Santa croce church tour

Santa Maria novella was the Dominican friers basilica.

Santa Croce the Franciscan friers one.

And even between friars there was competition and both wanted to be represented by an important church.

Indeed the 2 churches are full of important marsterpieces.

In Santa Maria Novella we will se a beautifull crucifix made by Giotto, the Trinity of Masaccio, the garden where the friars used to meet.

Pitti palace

Pitti Palace is the last residence of the Medici Grand Duke and was also the royal house for the King after the unification of Italy.

The Palace was built in several years, has an important history and it is itself something unique and full of amazing decoration.

Inside we will visit the Palatina Gallery that was started as collection of the Medici family.

Old palace tour

Political heart of Florence, Signoria Square has always been a theatre for the most important happening of the Town: fighting between Guelfi and Ghibellines, the death of the Dominican Frier Savonarola who was executed in this square.

Piazza Signoria is considered an open air museum because of the original statues that are based here: the Rape of the Sabine of Giambologna, The Perseus of Benvenuto Cellini are only some of the works you will see in this square.

the Medici tour

Florence without the Medici family, would not have been the same!

Since the end of the XIV century, they started to have power and be part of the government of Florence up to become Duke and after Grand Duke.

We will walk in Florence following the steps of their history.

The palaces where they lived but even the places symbol of their history.

We will go through their life in Florence from the arrival at the end of the XIV century to the end of the dynasty in 1737.

artisan tour

Florence has a great handicraft tradition: the Franciscan friars based their community in a poor area of Florence and teached to the poor people how to work leather.

In the Middle Age there were many goldsmith in Florence and many artists started their career working in a goldsmith shop.

Marbled paper is another important product of Florence still worked in a traditional way.

We will walk in town looking for handicraft shop with their tradition.