Florence illustrations

I saw the Florence illustrations mady bay Studio G’Art 44 on instagram and find it amazing.

So I decided to meet Giuseppe and Nicole, the artist!

Brunelleschi Dome

The project

Nicole is a professional florentine illustrator and her husband Giuseppe is a professional photographer.

The passion that Nicole has for illustration and draft started at school and you can find this passion and technique in all her works.

She can always find the perfet interpretation for any subject.

During the first lockdown, Nicole and Giuseppe started to think about the empty streets and square of Florence.

Something unbelivable for a town that is always full of tourists.

And they find a way to transform something very sad in a very romantic interpretation of Florence.

Nicole makes draft streets, churches, monuments of Florence, and Giuseppe transforms the illustration into interior design objects, prints, postcards.

Florence illustration…and much more

They show this works to some friends and everibody find it super.

And a lot of new ideas came out: notebooks cover, foulards, painting of different sizes.

They print on crushed paper an ecological kind of paper made by Favini Graphic Specialities.

Crushed paper is an eco-friendly paper that includes by-products from coffee, almonds, kiwi fruits, and other natural raws.

By using this kind of paper, Nicole and Giuseppe are doing an amazing work.

They were asked to do some “on request” work, as for example the portrait of Frida Kahlo, which I find super!

Frida Kalho

I really think that their works are really nice and suggest you have a look at their website, here is the link to Studio G’Art 44.

They have reserved to my followers a special 10% discount ( on purchase over 50 Euro, excluding shipping cost).

Enjoy Made in Italy!!

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