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pizza lesson

I love pizza. Really.

Everybody loves pizza! it is impossible not to do it!!!!

Here in Florence you will find very good pizza but…..why not to learn how to make it??

I choose for you one of the best Pizzeria of Florence where you can learn how to make your favourite pizza!!!

Domenico will teach you the secrets for the best pizza, and once home you will surprise your friends with your ability in making the best pizza!!!!

And after the lesson you will eat your pizza!!!!

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You really love pizza ?? Than you have to joy a pizza tasting!!

I will send you in a special Pizzeria of Florence where you will make a great pizza tasting.

This is a pizzeria that offer pizza made of different dough.

Domenico make the best traditional dough for pizza.

But he also make pizza with others doughs: turmeric dough, multi cereal dough, hemp dough, venur rice dough and even more.

Also he makes several gluten free doughs.

In this Pizza Tasting you will make a great tasting experience.

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cooking lesson

Italy means also good food!!!

And amazing pasta!!!

But you have to know that we have many different kind of pasta that can be combined with different sauces.

So if you want to go back home and cook a perfet pasta with the right souce you have to joyn a special cooking class!!!

The place I choose for your cooking class is a nice bistrot owned by a family that produce olive oil and you will use the best Olive oil during you cooking lesson.

But you can not end your meal without a dessert!!!

That’s why you will learn even how to make an olive oil gelato!

Yes you read well ! A gelato made with olive oil!!

And at the end of the cookig class you will have to eat what you have cooked, so…..better pay attention!!

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olive oil tasting

Olive oil is one of the most important products of Tuscany.

Of course the producer of Olive oil are based in the country side.

But for you I have found an olive oil producer that has also a bistrot in Florence and can offer its olive oil directly in Florence.

So during your stay you can also make a special olive oil experience!!

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wine tasting

Tuscany and Florence means also wine.

For the wine tasting in Florence I have choosen for you a special place in the center of the toen, close to the Cathedral.

This wine shop is open since 1952!!

They can offer wines coming from many different areas of Italy.

For this tour I have choosen some tipical Tuscan wines with some little snack.

You will enjoy this wine experience, I am sure!!

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Ilenia Tour Guide

Working with people coming from any part of the world , I realized that a lot of people love speack Italian!

I have found a web language course that could help you to learn some italian.

So when you will come here you will ask all the information using your italian!!

But don’t forget that to speack the real Italian, you must use also your hands!!!

First lessons are free!!

Find the link with more informations!!

LINK : http://bit.ly/2Igx3wm

painting lesson

During my tour I always see artis painting in the streets.

And I also had some tourist that love painting.

From one of them I have been told about some online art class and I found it very interesting.

Some are free so you can already start to learn something.

Maybe is difficult to have a second Leonardo da Vinci or Rafael….but if you like painting, just do it!!!

Click on the link to find more info.

Link : http://bit.ly/2Qk9XZw

the medici family

If you are planning to come to Florence and are interested in the history of the Medici, I suggest you to read this book.

When i decided to become a local guide this is the firts one I chose to learn something about the Medici family.

It gives informations about all the members of the Medici family but even something about how the Florence Government was working before they took the power.

This is the perfect book to meet the Medici.

Click on the link to get the book.


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