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The best way to discover Florence is by foot!!

I will welcome you in Florence taking a walk in the most important places of the town: Sanit John the Baptist Square with the Cathedral and the Baptistery, Republic Square where Florence was founded by the Roman Empire, Signoria Square with the Old Palace, The Old Bridge and the wild boar Loggia.

You will start to know Florence from the origin, where to go and how to discover this wonderful town.

Duration time: 2 hours          CONTACT ME!!!


Michelangelo was a genius, but he had a really bad character and he left some signs along the way…..

Pontormo used to keep a diary in which he wrote every day his meal…

The construction of the Cathedral went on for almost 150 years….

Any corner of Florence hides a story related to the town or to the life of the amazing artists who spent here part of their life.

We will discover some of this stories and this will help us to better aundertsand Florence and its art.

Duration time: 2 hours          CONTACT ME!!!


During the Middel Age Florence was really a rich town with a thick population.

The perfect place where to start a religious community. Indeed many religious orders came to Florence to create new comunity, preach their beliefs and build several churches.

The rich florentine families, in order to show their wealth, used to commission to artists works for their chapels inside the churches.

In this way, each church of Florence became full of works made by the artists of Florence.

We will visit the small churches, usually not part of the big tourism route, where we will see the crucifix made by Giotto, frescoes made by Ghirlandaio, the deposition of Pontormo and many others masterpieces.

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Florence without the Medici family, would not have been the same!!!
Since their arrival in Florence at the end of the XIV century, they started to have power and be part of the government of Florence up to become Duke and after Grand Duke.

They had two Queens of France and two Popes, and had been one of the most important families in Europe.

We will walk in Florence following the steps of their history from Palazzo Medici, their first important house, up to Palazzo Pitti, last residence of the Grand Duke Medici.

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The Medici were the most important family but not the only one.

Many families contributed to yhe growth of Florence and let the town become one of the most important of the Middle Age and the cradle of the Renaissance.

The Strozzi, who were bankers and competitors of the Medici; the Ruccellai who discovered the violet color by accident; the Tornabuoni family of Ms Lucrezia, mother of Lorenzo the Magnificent and considered by her father in low, Cosimo the Elder, the real “man of the house” for the strong character.

This and other families became part of the competition that fill Florence of artists and their masterpieces.

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Florence has a great handicraft tradition: the Franciscan friars based their comunity in a poor area of Florence and teached to the poor people how to work leather; in the Middle Age there were many goldsmith in Florence and many artists started their career working in a goldsmith shop; marbled paper is another important product of Florence still worked in a traditional way.

We will walk in town looking for handicraft shop with their tradition.

Duration time: 2 hours          CONTACT ME!!!

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